You are our most important priority – that’s why your health benefit plan includes personalized programs and services to help you feel your best and to ensure you receive the highest quality of care.

All AchieveHealth® programs are available to employees and family members enrolled in the insurance plan.

With AchieveHealth, you get:

  • Access to personalized health coaching.
    • Work one on one with a dedicated Health Coach to create your own wellness plan and to explore flexible ways for reaching your unique health goals – and to maintain them.
    • Health Coaching is available for those who want to:
      • Lose weight and keep it off
      • Quit using tobacco for good
      • Reduce stress
      • Feel more physically fit
      • Just talk with someone about their health
  • Help with chronic conditions.
    • Such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and asthma
  • A preventive health report card.
  • Access to case management.
    • Work with a certified case manager to serve as your personal advocate when an unexpected serious health issue arises to ensure your needs are met at the highest level of covered benefits available to you.

Want to enroll in AchieveHealth programs?

  • Call 866-234-4635 to speak to a Health Coach.
  • You and your Health Coach will work together over the phone through conveniently scheduled appointment times: Monday – Thursday 8am to 10pm and Friday 8am to 6pm (EST).
  • Appointments can range from 15 minutes to an hour – it all depends on your individual needs.

PDF icon Download information about AchieveHealth programs