Mindfulness for Wellness

Mindfulness is a unique wellness practice, because it's something you can do anywhere, in whatever time you have, and feel immediate improvements. Making mindfulness a regular practice has significant long-term benefits. Research has shown that it can help us:

  • Reduce pain (headache, migraine, back pain)
  • Better manage tension and stress
  • Manage weight
  • Enhance focus and communication
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Make decisions more effectively
  • Improve breathing
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol


Mindfulness MP3s

Try these mindfulness audio guides created by Tara Healey, Program Director for Mindfulness-Based Learning at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Periods of silence throughout these audio guides are intentional.

Guided Meditation: Bringing the body and mind together 

> 3-minute guided meditation

> 10-minute guided meditation

> 20-minute guided meditation


Guided Body Scan: Moving attention to the various regions of the body

> 10-minute guided body scan

> 20-minute guided body scan

Mind the Moment

Mind the Moment is a Harvard Pilgrim Facebook Page dedicated to Minfullness. Here you will find information about Mindfullness, activities to get started and a community forum to share your experiences.

> Mind the Moment

Mindfulness Links

Follow these links for general information along with tips to help you on the path to mindfulness.

> PDF icon Ready for a Mindful challenge?

> Tips for living mindfully

> Sitting Meditation